AFTERTHOUGHTS is a collection of personal essays on contemporary political, economic and social topics that range from the serious to the light-hearted. The essays span experiences drawn from this writer’s career work and family life, all stitched together by a lifetime of learning and relearning.

These AFTERTHOUGHTS essays are brief articulations of topics this writer was too mellow to verbalize coherently at that dinner party last night. Or didn’t take the time after reading the morning newspaper to draft a response to an editorial or letter to the editor with which he took strong objection. The result: afterthoughts that linger on his mind and plea to be put down on paper, then self-critiqued, polished and refined in content and flow to make them worthy of sharing.

AFTERTHOUGHTS is a celebration of our ability today as a community of writers to use digital media platforms like Substack to become Johnny Appleseeds sowing ideas across the literary landscape of this nation and around the world. Of course, few of this writer’s messages may fall on fertile soil, sprout and grow. The competition for attention is too fierce to expect that very many of these ideas will take root and blossom in the minds of readers. This writer is OK with that. His goal is to enlighten and entertain those who indulge him with a few moments of their time.

AFTERTHOUGHTS is a modest effort to occupy a small niche among very accomplished and credentialled Substack writers. This writer is content to be a humble ‘freshman’ whose presence is scarcely noticed among the upperclassmen (and women). It’s an honor to be counted among such talented and insightful writers.

Finally, AFTERTHOUGHTS is an opportunity for readers to share their responses to this writer’s perspective on some of life’s experiences and events that we might have in common. So I invite readers to pile on with validation or condemnation of these essay posts but most important to come away a bit more enlightened. All feedback is welcome Above all, the goal is for the writer to entertain and the reader to enjoy.

At the moment these essay posts are being shared only with a small number of the writer’s more willing (and tolerant) friends. Readers can access these essay posts any time by copying and pasting https://philchurch.substack.com into their browser. Or go to www.substack.com and search under this writer’s Substack name “PhilChurch” or “Afterthoughts.”

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Phil Church
Economist by profession, writer by passion.