Mottos often have double meanings that add to their richness and relevance. Living by those mottos can also be enriching … but so, so challenging.
We’ve reached a point where survival is no longer about stopping global warming; it’s about saving our snails and salamanders.
The basics of responsible money and environmental management can be taught at an early age. Just outside in the yard is a promising place to start.
I've come to realize how complicit I am in the racial and economic discrimination still prevailing around me, simply by being an unwitting enabler.
Avoiding things that bring us pain or discomfort is a common behavior pattern. We often fail to realize that the outcome of such behavior may be worse…
How America’s supply chains have changed over time! For the worse!
A “STEM” curriculum has served us well in building capacity to explore the reaches of space. A “PEACE” curriculum would be timely for better equipping…
Thoughts that occur to this writer too late to say in the moment but are too important not to share.
Living in a free-market economy, we tend to over-value the things that have a price, yet fail to appreciate the things that can’t be measured in dollars…
Our country needs a new motivational book, this time one heralding the importance of saying “no.” I think I’m the perfect person to write it.
Government social safety net programs can help folks in times of special need ... if they're carefully designed and administered.
The assertion that ‘a rising tide raises all boats’ is a major rationale for fostering economic growth at home and abroad. It has seldom worked that…